Fishing Gear

    Friday Harbor Kayaks offers a variety of fishing gear, catered towards an individuals fishing experience. There are a number of ways to catch fish in the Puget Sound, all of which we can do from a kayak. We can provide gear for each of these methods for those who wish to fish for a specific fish in a specific manner. Most often though, our guide will decide on the type of fishing best suited for the group, the weather, the tide and the bite.

     Bottom fish, such as lingcod and cabezon are typically caught jigging with 8-12oz lead jig heads. Halibut is similar, but generally requires larger jig heads and often times the use of a spreader bar. Lingcod and halibut seasons have come and gone for 2016, but cabezon season is still available, although they are somewhat few and far between.

     Salmon have a few methods people use around here. The simplest form of salmon fishing is called mooching. One can mooch with herring or weighted lures, such as the Point Wilson Dart. Mooching works well from a kayak during strong tidal swings, where we can position ourselves near a point or outcropping and display the lure in front of moving fish. Casting Buzz Bombs is another method, which is also very easy for a beginner and can be very productive.

    Trolling for salmon has probably become the most popular method of fishing for salmon in the sound. Trolling has become a favorite because it allows fishermen to cover more ground and ultimately display your gear in front of more fish. We can troll with either Deep Six Divers or downriggers. Deep Six Divers are a method of trolling in which we attach our gear to the diver, and as we move forward, it forces the diver to drop through the water column along with our gear. Depending on how far we let our diver out, this method will allow us to fish between 30 and 75 feet or so. Downriggers are a very controlled method of trolling in which we drop a downrigger ball, along with our gear, down to a specific depth and troll that depth until we find the bite. Downrigger fishing from a kayak can be very productive, but also much more technical. When downrigger fishing, one must be very aware of where he/she is fishing so that the ball does not get stuck on the bottom. It is much harder to break free of the bottom in a kayak, therefore Friday Harbor Kayaks advises those interested in this method to have previous experience fishing with downriggers.


What we offer..

 Friday Harbor Kayaks can supply all fishing gear or you can bring your own. 


The Hobie Pro Anglers are fishing machines rigged specifically for just that. Our boats include...

Lowrance Elite 5 Fishfinders

Scotty Depth King Downriggers with 6lb downrigger balls

Shimano Rods

Daiwa Saltist Levelwind Reels

Tackle box with Silver Horde spoons, Coho Killers, Point wilson Darts, Hoochies and a Bucktail Fly

Hot Spot Flashers

Frabill nets